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Still on American territory, just before the border to Canada is an area called the Thousand Island region. (Yes, like the dressing!) It’s home to friendly Amish people who waved as I passed by. (I wonder if I stared too much?) Want to know how to spend your time here? I’m happy to tell you.

In the middle of Clayton, a small sleepy town on the coast of Lake Ontario, is the only traffic light in town. The sign above “Welcome to Clayton NY” cannot be overlooked. The typical small-town character suits me with a small supermarket, an ice cream shop and several small restaurants and bistros. Here I am right, far from the cosmopolitan city of New York City, but still in New York. This is how I imagine a road trip: I discover small towns in which I feel comfortable as soon as I arrive.

What brought me here? The plan was to get to know the Canadian and American sides of Lake Ontario. Here we are in Clayton, home of the Antique Boat Museum and the Thousand Island Museum. I am sure you have heard of it, right? After we arrived in the 1000 Island Harbor Hotel, we decided that the town could be conquered on foot. The city limits are a bit further away, but with just under 6,000 inhabitants, the town center is very manageable.

Delicious breakfast (I love waffles and French toast) was served at Bella’s Bakery & Bistro, which offers a wonderful view from the terrace. If you still like it typically American, the Koffee Kove Restaurant is right opposite with the usual suspects of meatloaf and burgers.

Due to the remote location, many state parks around Clayton offer a place to stay. In addition to Downtown Clayton, we made our way to visit the Tibbets Point Lighthouse in Cape Vincent. About 30 minutes along the coast the road stops. The current lighthouse has been there since 1854 and was unfortunately closed when we visited. The view was breathtaking.

As a road trip lover, I really like the bridges in the States. The bridges over the Thousand Island region to the big bridge over the border are simply overwhelming. Since I was driving myself, I cannot provide you any pictures.

Three things you must do in Clayton:

  • A visit to the winemaker. 15 minutes from downtown is the Coyote Moon Vineyards with its own productions and the tasting facilities. The family business has many different types of wine to choose from. I even brought two bottles home.
  • Fancy an Italian meal? Dinner at Di Prinzio’s Kitchen and the wood-fired pizza will also delight you.
  • Enjoy the view of the lake on the colored chairs provided by the city.

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