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Ladies Taxi in Arabia

The most important thing when traveling alone is to feel safe and comfortable. In the Arab world, women's rights are not comparable to the Western world, which doesn't mean you can't travel safely in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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Belgium - Brussels

There it is again, that sweet smell of a waffle. Yes, you can't get away from it. Because this delicious smell fills the streets of Brussels all year round. But Brussels has more to offer than a concentrated load of calories in every street corner. I arrived without great expectations and left enthusiastic about my next trip.

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Netherlands - Rotterdam

With the plan to spend a girl’s weekend with my teenage daughter, we ended up in Rotterdam for two short days. We arrived in Amsterdam, grabbed a rental car and headed into town for a short lunch break. The shopping time in Rotterdam called, so we left quickly. In my post, I will tell you which clothes shops are perfect for plus size.

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Austria - Mellau

I’m not only travelling with my partner, teenage daughter or with a friend, I tend to travel solo a lot. How can others endure it with me if I can’t stand myself? For the sixth time I booked my “break out” from work and reality with the travel agency Bbacksoon. You book how you want to spend your days, but you don’t know the destination. Filled with wanderlust, I’ve chosen my new adventure.

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Norway - Oslo

To the café or for shopping? The Norwegian capital Oslo can be reached from Zurich in two hours. You can find a small overview of what you can experience there

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Sweden - Stockholm

I was on the way to a conference in Oslo and added two extra days of Stockholm to my itinerary. Unfortunately, such a short stay is far too little for the city to do justice, especially since I used the time to visit a dear and long-time friend. But the short time was enough so that I can say with certainty: I'll be back. What delicacies shouldn't you miss?

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Italy - Naples

The streets in Naples are hectic and draw you into a world of their own. No matter how narrow the streets are, a Fiat Punto or a Vespa will cross your way. Laundry is hung out to dry and a walk is accompanied by detergent and colored laundry.

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Portugal - Lisbon

I needed a few days off to my further education, after all I had to finish a multi-page report. How better than getting on the plane and meeting the muse abroad? :) Of course, bbacksoon was my travel agency again, so I only figured out the language my muse would speak the day before I left.

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UK - Liverpool

Liverpool, known for the Beatles or for those who like it, also for football. Located at the mouth of the river Mersey on the Irish sea, Liverpool is a port city and European city of culture. I explored the city during a short stay as a certain festival called to me. Which one, find out!

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Austria - Vienna

Whenever a beautiful city like Vienna calls me, I sure listen closely. I was heading to this Austrian city for a conference and added some leisure time. Which sweets do I recommend? How should you travel around the city? That’s what I’m going to tell you in this post.

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Germany - Lake Titisee

A popular destination for active athletes and calm minds, the Titisee is a lake in the middle of the Black Forest so small that a boat tour only takes 25 minutes. In summer, the lido invites you to swim in the Titisee and in winter there are ski slopes and cross-country trails. Find out, why I - as a wellness lover - feel comfortable around lake Titisee.

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France - Paris

February being the month of the hearts is where you will see many people getting romantic, HHWW or holding hands while walking, and for some a bit of kissing and smooching around the park. Being a solo traveler, I don’t mind looking at those people showing their affection in public (or do I? ha ha) Guess that’s for you to find out.

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48h in Tel Aviv

Diti Asia from "My Trendy Trail"

An Israeli living in Amsterdam, suffers from constant wanderlust, talkes about 48 hours in Tel Aviv! 

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