Austria - Mellau

I’m not only travelling with my partner, teenage daughter or with a friend, I tend to travel solo a lot. How can others endure it with me if I can’t stand myself? For the sixth time I booked my “break out” from work and reality with the travel agency Bbacksoon. You book how you want to spend your days, but you don’t know the destination. Filled with wanderlust, I’ve chosen my new adventure.

I wanted to leave for two nights to a bordering country of Switzerland. Simple, because within an hour or two I’m at the border. Bbacksoon chose the Austrian area of Bregenzerwald for me. On the way to my destination I stopped at the bbacksoon office. After all those adventures it was great to meet the people there and put a face to their names.

Mellau is a small and sleepy place,

that attracts tourists in winter because of the mountains close by. During September, though, it’s rather quiet.I checked in to my room at the Bären Hotel and was happy to find such a big room all to myself. The surprise was hidden in a welcome card on the table. I was offered a welcome drink and some bruschetta. Oh, food is always a good choice and so I was happy about the tasty greeting. I tell you; it was delicious. I noticed while eating by myself, that once more I enjoyed what was chosen for me.

The next morning

strengthened by a great breakfast (usually I don’t take too many pictures while eating… I’m focusing!) I left the hotel to travel to the next village. I spent some hours at the day spa. Yes, that’s how I would describe “let’s go somewhere for a short stay” and relax. For dinner I came back and had an Italian dish at the restaurant on the second floor of my hotel. Tasty and affordable. After dinner I took a short walk through Mellau. It ended rather quickly, because the village ends at a waterfall that forces you to turn back around. The cows I met on the way weren’t really chatty, probably country folk’s behavior. Well, I went to bed early and enjoyed my second (and last) night.

Again, strengthened by breakfast I had to check out on time. The receptionist was surprised how I ended up in their hotel and told me that she couldn’t do this. Of course, you just have to try it out. I had to leave on time because my travel documents told me, that I had another appointment. Time for zip lines. Oh dear. I won’t go into details with my time as Tarzan high over a creek and all the bruises I counted afterwards. I took it the sporty way and noted to myself «no sports» when booking next time!

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