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There it is again, that sweet smell of a waffle. Yes, you can't get away from it. Because this delicious smell fills the streets of Brussels all year round. But Brussels has more to offer than a concentrated load of calories in every street corner. I arrived without great expectations and left enthusiastic about my next trip.

From the airport to the city

The seat of the European Parliament has certainly contributed to the fact that there are now connections from many destinations. The major European airlines fly directly to Brussels. The international airport is around 15 km from the city center and the Airport City Express runs every 20 minutes to the Gare du Midi or Gare Centrale train stations.

Eating in Brussels

Interestingly, the first suggestion I received was a restaurant that offers 600 beers. Does this count as a meal? Yes, that is why I went to the “à la bécasse”, which is in the middle of the old town. The wood furnishings seem to be getting old, but in no way distracts from the beer selection. I am not a beer connoisseur, but because of the holiday mood I treated myself to a raspberry-flavored beer. What happens in Brussels stays in Brussels.

Manneken Pis

Despite his size, this little man is probably one of the most famous sights in Brussels. I think, if you look at the photos on the Internet, you have already seen enough of the peeing boy.
The European district attracted me the most, as I was able to go into the plenary hall of the European Parliament because of a conference. However, there are also guided tours through the modern and impressive buildings.
The “Grote Markt” central square is in the middle of Brussels. Fenced by historical buildings and the imposing town hall, the Grote Markt is even a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Winding alleys

If you like charming cobbled streets and winding lanes with cafes, Brussels is the place for you. Exploring the city on foot rewards you with the brasserie charm from Paris, with restaurants and seating in the middle of the sidewalks and omnipresent street art. I like this colorful world and found all kinds of strange things. Brussels is also a metropolis of comics, so the colorful art on the streets suited the city very well. A small piece of art is hidden behind every corner. If you haven’t seen enough colors yet, then a visit to the Comics Art Museum is just the thing.


A billion-times enlarged iron atom represents the Atomium, which was specially made for the world exhibition 1958. It is worth visiting this incredibly special building not only from the outside, but also from the inside. A great photo motif, the Atomium shines best with a steel-blue sky. The spheres of the Atomium are connected with corridors that lead from a permanent exhibition to a temporary exhibition.

Unfortunately, here too, visitors are almost forced to take a picture with a cartoon character at the beginning (I still haven't found out who that was). A bit overpriced for my taste, these can be purchased at the exit. I recommend that you go without the photos and treat yourself to a waffle on the street.


Although Brussels is bilingual with French and Dutch, you get along very well with English. However, it always makes a good impression if you can offer a few sentences in French. Maybe my post about helpful language tips is useful for you? Read it here

Three things you need to do in Brussels:

  • Enjoy the view over Brussels right next to the Palais de Justice. The elevator takes you back down to the streets.
  • Visit the Parc d’Egmont just around the corner from the Palais de Justice. With its majestic trees and beautiful lawns, the park is a real oasis in a central location.
  • Shopping in the Agora gallery. Small shops line up here to form a long passage. Ideal, when the weather outside is not so friendly and you are browsing through shoes and souvenirs.

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