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I always try to use my few days of vacation wisely. After my stay in Dresden, I seamlessly booked my next trip with my preferred booking company. Booking with bbacksoon, I find out where I'm going a few hours before departure. So, while I was waiting in Dresden at the airport to fly back home, I found out that my next stop would be Naples the very next day. These two cities couldn't be more different. Dresden showed me it’s calm and tidy side, while Naples proved to be more hectic and messy

I started this adventure as a solo traveler, again. Why? I wanted to allow myself the freedom to conquer and explore the city at my own pace. One more time I really enjoyed these calm moments alone and going along with my inner rhythm.

Arrival in Naples

A direct flight of 100 minutes took me from Zurich to Naples. Flights are available several times a day, also from other European cities. Unfortunately, the flight bbacksoon booked for me was with EasyJet; limited seat width and seat belt length are very close to the limit for curvy women.

From the airport into the city

In Naples there are several ways you can reach your hotel. I didn't want to treat myself to an overpriced taxi and it was a bit too early for public transport so shortly before 8am. However, there is the "Alibus" airport bus. This bus runs every 30 minutes from the airport to two stops within the city. The trip costs an affordable 6€ each way. The ticket for this is also available on the bus, but if the crowd is large, it is advisable to purchase the ticket in advance. When you arrive at the airport there is a small kiosk where you can stock up on snacks and buy your bus ticket. It's a lot more relaxed, especially as you’re able to line up differently at the bus stop.

My tip: I bought a City Card for 3 days at the airport. The City Card works for all local transport and offers a reduced price of 21€ to selected museums.

My accommodation was near via Tribunali, the main alley for all tourists visit Naples. There is always something going on there, whether early or late. In the evening it was more difficult to torture yourself through the crowds. I moved into my Airbnb room on a side street and immediately started to explore the city afterwards.

Let's go - let’s conquer the city

There is a lot to reach on foot in Naples, but if necessary, the subway or the city bus network will help you out. But who wants to conquer the city on the bus? The small, typical alleys with the paving stones are worth a leisurely stroll. I really enjoyed drifting around the city and seeing where the next turn would take me. As usual, I hadn't got any information before arrival and was open to new things in the city.
The streets in Naples are hectic and draw you into a world of their own. No matter how narrow the streets are, a Fiat Punto or a Vespa will cross your way. Laundry is hung out to dry and a walk is accompanied by detergent and colored laundry.

Security in Naples

As in many places there are also pickpockets in Naples, or maybe even more than usual. It is important that you have a secure bag with you. You should keep zipped compartments closed and keep your bag close to your body. I was even made aware by a local lady that my open camera can easily change hands with a knife. I’d recommend caution here. Otherwise, I felt safe in the city, I tend to avoid the dark alleys anyways, but there were a lot of people everywhere. I didn't feel pressured in any way. Eating alone seems unusual for the Italians in Naples, but I was warmly welcomed everywhere.

Eating in Naples

If this was not clear to you until now: Naples is the birthplace of pizza. Accordingly, there is pizza and pasta on every street corner. Don’t be stupid and stick on your healthy diet plan. Enjoy a cheat day every day you’re in this city. I had the best spaghetti and pizzas here ... and I eat a lot of Italian.

Culinary tip

There are numerous wine restaurants in Naples that also serve tapas. Through Airbnb Experiences (yes, they offer activities as well) I treated myself to a dinner with alternating wine to each course. This was in a small, pretty wine bar, close to the shopping area, but on a quiet side street. Cozy, tasty and with some locals around me, I was able to fully enjoy the evening.

Three things you need to do in Naples:

- Eat pizza in Via Tribunali at one of the countless restaurants and watch the people walking by.
- Visit the San Gennaro catacombs. These can be reached by bus or as a stop on the hop on / hop off bus. These are easy to do on foot (Note: the tour starts at the shop, then it goes down a lot of steps, but you don't have to go back up afterwards).
- Visit the Castel Sant ’Elmo. With the subway and then with the funicular up the hill.

Note: within the Castel there are a few meters to conquer, no stairs, but it is a steep climb. Do it only if you’re good on foot.

Survival tips in Naples

- Watch out for traffic. There is driving and honking from all directions. Red seems to be just a recommendation color. Therefore: Open your eyes while crossing the street.
- The residents are superstitious. If you come to these skulls in Via Tribunali, rub their head. It brings good luck.
- Buy tickets for the subway or bus in stock. These are available from kiosks with a large T (such as “Tabacceria”). However, on Sundays they are closed and there are not working machines everywhere, be smart and purchase in advance

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Brighten your day with a little Italian flair, in your choice of three different designs. Naples is the birthplace of pizza, and you’ll find amazing pizza and pasta on every street corner here. Forget about your healthy diet plan — enjoy a cheat day every day you’re in Naples. I promise it’ll be worth it! I had the best spaghetti and pizzas here...

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