Pink cabs, for women by women!

Traveling solo in the Arab region

Questions are sure to arise here such as:

  1. Are you espected as a woman at all?
  2. Do you need to be veiled in public?
  3. Is it even allowed to drive a cab or a car alone as a woman?
  4. Is it even safe as a woman on the streets, especially at night?

The most important thing when traveling alone is to feel safe and comfortable. In the Arab world, women's rights are not comparable to the Western world, which doesn't mean you can't travel safely in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Countries like Dubai or Abu Dhabi are known for their progress and innovation. Dubai in particular has developed into a hypermodern metropolis. Many women are involved in shaping and developing Dubai in high positions. Over 70 percent of the students at Dubai University are female. A city between tradition and modernity. For this reason, and above all, something completely new has developed here. Have you ever heard of a pink cab?

Women's cabs for greater well-being

That's right, they've been around for a while in Dubai and you'll find them in countries like Abu Dhabi and Lebanon too. The drivers of the pink cars stop only for women. Male passengers are left standing. There are now more than 50 in the desert metropolis, and the number is growing steadily. The service for women only is well received. The pink headscarf is simply part of the uniform. For the female cab drivers to get there was a big step. But I think even for you as a woman traveling alone, this cab ride can be an exciting experience. Why not have a casual conversation on one of these rides, exchange ideas about cultures, country and people. Maybe take a few tips for your own trip.

Respectful interaction with each other

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are no different than other Muslim countries. Of course, one should not overdo it with the freedom of movement. Out of respect alone, one should adapt to the other culture. However, Dubai cannot be compared with Saudi Arabia, Iran or Pakistan. Dubai is much more liberal and cosmopolitan. As a tourist you don't have to wear a headscarf or long robes. However, you should respect that shoulders and thighs should be covered, especially when you enter religious places.


If you also take it for granted to stick to certain norms and rules in countries, traveling in some Arab countries is not as dangerous and complicated as some may think.


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