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I needed a few days off to my further education, after all I had to finish a multi-page report. How better than getting on the plane and meeting the muse abroad? :) Of course, bbacksoon was my travel agency again, so I only figured out the language my muse would speak the day before I left.

I was blown away when I arrived. I left Zurich in February (out of the cold) and landed in sunny weather. To be greeted by Lisbon’s sun at 8 am has a special charm.

From the airport into the city

The city center can be reached in around 40 minutes by metro. From there it was only a few minutes on foot to my hotel. I also quickly realized that Lisbon is the most pedestrian-friendly city I have ever been to. Everything was within walking distance. And if it got too steep for me or too far away, the well-known trams are quickly available and have many stops. Some of the trams still have old compartments with wooden benches. Some lines are very touristy, but it is worth taking a break in a tram compartment.

For those on the go, I recommend buying a rechargeable metro card directly at the airport. Either load with single trips or add a day ticket. Choose wisely though, I hardly used the day tickets because I explored the city on foot.

Traveling in the city

Everything is close, so I hardly used the bus, tram or the overpriced tuk-tuks. There is also a lot more to discover on foot. For example, the beautiful walkways, because they are made of limestone and volcanic basalt. The fine art of a stone setter is something you appreciate more on foot.


To my surprise I hardly broke into shopping madness during my stay. I booked a tour guide with ShowAround and he led me through the streets where there are not many tourists. The old alleys had their charm and I found a lot of street art.

I thought there was something to discover around every street corner: street cafes, interesting construction, street art ... a little bit of everything. There was so much to see I didn't miss shopping (unbelievable that I admit such a thing at all).

My personal highlight

A highlight for me was the Convent do Carmo, a former monastery that was destroyed in the great earthquake of 1755. A wing has been restored where the National Guard is now located. Concerts are performed in the remaining ruins in summer.

Just giving you my highlights won’t do the city justice. I was impressed by the hospitality and open nature of the Portuguese and I ate myself through the typical national cuisine. In just three days I wasn’t able to see everything. But for me it became clear: Lisbon is one of the top destinations for city trips in Europe for a reason.

Three things to do in Lisbon:

  • Pastel de Nata. A little sinful baked treat. These are offered in many cafés. This small puff pastry tart is not too big, ideal for your coffee break.
  • A break in the Time Out Market is also ideal at lunchtime. A food court with 26 restaurants, 8 bars and a handful of shops to stay and spend some time.
  • In the evening, enjoy the fado music for a typical Portuguese dinner. Fado music was sung by sailors and is part of the legacy of the city's poor neighborhoods. Rather melancholic, but a nice accompaniment to the meal.


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