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I have to confess that Stockholm has been on my bucket list for a long time. The plans have often burst like a soap bubble in the last second, but in 2018 It finally happened. I was on the way to a conference in Oslo and added two extra days of Stockholm to my itinerary. Unfortunately, such a short stay is far too little for the city to do justice, especially since I used the time to visit a dear and long-time friend. But the short time was enough so that I can say with certainty: I'll be back. What delicacies shouldn't you miss? Read on and find out where they are

From the airport to the city

The Arlanda Express runs from the international airport, a fast train that speeds up to 190 km / h towards the city center in 20 minutes. At the center station I also bought a Travelcard, which is available for different time slots. Cheap, if you’re on the go all day.
Note: it is not possible to buy tickets on the bus or on the metro. Buy the corresponding ticket at a kiosk directly at the metro stations or at the tourist office in the main station. Even some ship lines are part of the city network. Take the ship for the short distance from Södermalm to Gamla Stan and the city shows itself from the beautiful side.

The ideal month to visit

The number of hours of sunshine makes the visit in November unfavorable. At 2pm you get the feeling of darkening. At about 3pm the warm light feels wonderful, golden hour (ideal for a photo shoot) having just started. But other than that I felt ready for my bed in the middle of the afternoon.
The city stretches across 14 islands and has more than 50 bridges to offer, hence the nickname “Venice of the North”. Again and again my gaze wanders over the water as I explore the city. I recommend May to September; the Nordic weather is cooler in comparison and therefore quite pleasant even in summer.

Stockholm is a real shopping paradise

I recommend the route from Gamla Stan to Museum Island to the shopping area of Norrmalm. On the way there are many well-known shops such as H&M, with a huge selection for large sizes and River Island (which I already got to know in Rotterdam).At the end of the shopping mile I ended up at Big & Trendy., a shop that specializes in large sizes. There was also a lot of choice, but for my taste it's nothing (the style is more for grown up ladies, not a young at heart traveler like me). Anyone who thinks Ulla Popken is great will feel in the right place in there. In terms of style, that's not mine


If you're hungry, it's best to head to the Östermalm halls nearby. A market hall with many options to taste freshly caught fish. A must for me because I like fish very much. If you don't like that, there is a Texas Longhorn Steakhouse as an option.

Stockholm has countless sightseeing options and offers a variety of museums. When it comes to dining, you have the choice between upscale restaurants such as Gastrologik and cheap bistros, where you can mingle with the locals.

Three things you need to do in Stockholm:

  • Get lost at least once in the old town and enjoy the alleys lined with yellow and red houses
  • Take the metro! With its sculptures, mosaics and paintings, the 100 stations are the longest gallery in the world
  •  No visit to Stockholm without the typical Swedish Fika. You will find cozy cafes in every district, but for a stylish coffee break with lots of delicacies, visit Vete-Katten near the main train station

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