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Zurich is the secret capital city of Switzerland, because actually it’s Berne. As a financial hotspot and with international airport for sure worth a visit. For some time now, Zurich is my second home but honestly, who could really choose between Zurich and my origins in Berne? Both deserve a traveler’s time Here are three things you must do while visiting Zurich, from a local.

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Switzerland - mountains of cheese and chocolate. My homeland offers a lot of "instagrammable” places; a visit recorded for virtual posterity. For me, one of these places has always been the Gasthaus Aescher, a restaurant in the mountains of Appenzell. But how do you get there? How good that I was able to take part in a guided hike and that I didn't have to worry about anything. Guided hike, creative painting lessons and, for me, a hospital stay included. A story of a curvy traveler who somewhat overestimated her limits. Are you joining me on this hike?

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Sleep on a yacht once in your life...or then just on a boat. It's totally possible without winning the lottery. Watching the ducks on the water with coffee in hand and enjoying the tranquility of a waking city. I found it...and here I tell you about it!

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Not far from Zurich, in the canton of Aargau, is the tranquil town of Baden. A well-known casino advertises with the slogan "Bath in luck" as Baden means in German to take a bath, but since the town is also a bathing town, it makes double sense.

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I decided to use my days off to go on day trips in my own country and do things that I have never done before. Like climbing some mountains, for example. However, Titlis, the highlight in Central Switzerland with its glacier, is an excursion for everyone. Are you coming with me?

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This particular summer has been a little different “because of the special situation.” Because Corona is still holding us in its hands, excursions in our own country have never been so attractive. The wonderful weather and the hot temperatures have awakened our thirst for adventure. Are you coming with me on this journey?

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Carnival in February is the most important season for fans of colorful times. However, there are regional differences to traditions and moves. I give you an insight into the carnival time of my old home Solothurn

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The most spontaneous ideas can usually end up in one of the nicest days of the week. My partner took a day off and we decided to go on a trip we decided to trace the footsteps of his childhood. His grandmother comes from the Murten region and so we set off in the morning to enjoy our lunch in a cozy spot around Lake Murten. Find out which places I can recommend you see yourself

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The advertisement about Stoos came exactly right on a mild summer evening, so I wanted to be out the next day. As a solo traveller, I don’t only go on trips abroad, no, I also travel alone on day trips in Switzerland. Why Stoos? A mountain with a special funicular within Switzerland? Find out

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Arrived for a music festival and used the day for shopping. A certain boutique can recommend you

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Zurich Polybahn

The name of the Polybahn is derived from the Polyterrasse, the “terrasse” at the higher station of the short route. The Polyterrasse is the terrace of today's university (formerly the Swiss Polytechnic School). Accordingly, it is not surprising that the locals affectionately call the funicular the “Student Express.”

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Zurich and the gardens

There is a lot of green space in the city of Zurich, over 70 green spaces from the 19th century represent the history of the garden. Whether at Irchelpark, Chinese Garden or the Botanical Garden: there are many places you can relax for a short while. Here I present my three favorite parks in Zurich.

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At just over 2500m above sea level, the Saentis is smaller than other well-known mountains in Switzerland. However, depending on the weather, its location can even be seen from the Black Forest. Only a little over a one-hour drive from Zurich, it’s definitely worth a day trip.

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Zurich Felsenegg

There are many exciting excursion destinations in and around Zurich. A short excursion away from Zurich is the Felsenegg viewpoint: at the same time the mountain station of an aerial cableway. Only the Skyguide (air navigation service that monitors Swiss airspace) transmission tower can be seen from the distance. Felsenegg is ideal for a quick trip and a small snack outside the city. Was there anything tasty up here? You can find out in this post.

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Fribourg with a local

Take a coffee break in a new city, get to know new places and have a chat with an old friend? I experienced that in Fribourg. A city where two languages are in your ear and the Röstigraben even has a monument. Are you joining me on another day trip?

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The first adventure on my Swiss tour Roland showed me was "his" Basel. He knows Basel because he grew up here. His roots are in Appenzell and he is immensely proud of them, but today he showed me why he has Basel in his heart.

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