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Not far from Zurich, in the canton of Aargau, is the tranquil town of Baden. A well-known casino advertises with the slogan "Bath in luck" as Baden means in German to take a bath, but since the town is also a bathing town, it makes double sense.

Some hotels in Baden offer their own in-house thermal baths, such as the Hotel Limmathof or da Atrium Hotel Blume. So be sure to bring your bathing suit. Not only Zurich is located at the Limmat, also Baden. The offer can absolutely keep up with the big city: Shopping, meetings, wellness, sightseeing... there is everything in Baden.

What to do in Baden

High above the city is the ruin Stein. This is about 15-20 minutes away from the train station (first a stop to strengthen at Frau Meise: a coffee shop and store). I managed to walk up there, then you surely can do it too. With the beautiful view over Baden and the surrounding communities, it's an ideal way to start a trip to this beautiful city.
From the ruins down past terraced gardens and old houses you are in a few minutes back down in the busy streets. Once down, the city tower is already waiting, from there along the alleys, past the countless small boutiques and cafes.

Did you know that in Baden you can also try a bathing bench? While you rest on the bench, you can relax and let your feet dangle in the warm thermal water. Just recently, a large wellness spa, the Fortyseven, has opened nearby.

Don't miss these 5 things in Baden:

  1. Ruin Stein
  2. Wooden Bridge Baden
  3. Grand Casino Baden
  4. City Tower
  5. Teddy Bear Museum

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