Switzerland - Rigi Rigi - Queen of the mountains

This particular summer has been a little different “because of the special situation.” Because Corona is still holding us in its hands, excursions in our own country have never been so attractive. The wonderful weather and the hot temperatures have awakened our thirst for adventure.

We wanted to see for ourselves whether the mountain in the heart of Switzerland is actually the queen as it’s said in the commercial. As a half- or full-day trip, this excursion can vary quite a bit. My companion was Melanie, who celebrated her birthday that day. Are you coming with me on the women's journey?

A good starting point

Many roads lead to Rome ... or up to the Rigi. Ideally located in Central Switzerland, the Rigi can be easily reached from all sides. Though, it is possible to travel by car, we decided to take the train from Zurich to Lucerne. The main train station is only a few meters from the pier, so that after an hour train ride from Zurich we had a connection by ship.

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The waterway led across Lake Lucerne, surrounded by mountains and villages. With the wind around my nose it felt a lot like summer vacation. Lovely! After about an hour we reached the Vitznau station.

The area around the Rigi offers all kinds of opportunities to explore. There were several means of transport or around 120 km of hiking and walking trails waiting for us. On the way, fire pits and picnic areas invite you to linger. The journey we took is only one of many, perhaps you’ve experienced the Rigi differently?

Let’s go with the rack railway

It was only a few meters from the ship station in Vitznau to the valley station of the rack railway. The path was signposted, but we followed the crowds. Obviously, we weren't the only ones who wanted to do this trip on this hot summer day. The nice thing about public transport in Switzerland is that somehow you always have a connection and rarely have to wait long. The train filled up quickly: groups of hikers, families with screaming children in prams and us sitting in the middle of the packed compartment, for around 30 minutes.

With the ascent we conquered a steep 1400 meters, because the Rigi is at 1798 meters. Once at the top we felt like total tourist. Overwhelmed by the beautiful landscape at our feet, we took 1000 photos and simply enjoyed the beautiful postcard view. Yes, I live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Going downhill

You can walk down from the mountain, but we decided to take the train back. Not back to the Vitznau ship station, we got off at Rigi Kaltbad station. Past the publicly accessible mineral bath, we walked to the mountain station of the aerial cableway with destination Weggis. With the day pass from SBB (Swiss Federal Railways), all these options are included in the price. Incredible, but true, despite Corona security measures, the gondolas were packed with travellers. I found that rather uncomfortable. We reached the valley station in around 10 minutes. From there it is another 10 minutes to the ship station in Weggis, where the ship brought us back to Lucerne.

Our route: Lucerne – Vitznau – Rigi Kulm – Rigi Kaltbad – Weggis - Lucerne

Extra tip: let the day end properly

If you still have some time left and want to unwind, then visit Suite - the rooftop bar, right across from the train station

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