Switzerland - Zurich 3 things you need to do while visiting

Zurich is the secret capital city of Switzerland, because actually it’s Berne. As a financial hotspot and with international airport for sure worth a visit. For some time now, Zurich is my second home but honestly, who could really choose between Zurich and my origins in Berne? Both deserve a traveler’s time. Find out about things you must do while visiting Zurich, from a local.

From the airport into the city

The airport is connected to the public transportation so within a few minutes and just one stop you’re at the main train station in the heart of Zurich. Public transportation is like the mentality of Swiss inhabitants, always punctual. For tourists, day or week passes are available at the airport for a good price.

Out of the main station into the beating city

The main station is also a shopping mall with different stores on multiple levels. So, you won’t probably get out here quick. There is something everywhere. If you made it back to the streets, then you are already on the famous and expensive Bahnhofstrasse, a one-kilometer long street ending at the lake that offers international brands and expensive boutiques.
Christmas season is pretty here because of the street lighting. Christmas market stands are also a fun attraction. The old city part unfolds on both sides of the river Limmat and invites you for a walk.


It’s always easy to find a little something for your family at home. Inside the main station or in a shopping mall, like Sihlcity or Glattzentrum; the variety of clothing, food and presents is big.

Plus Size Shopping

Yes, you can find some plus size stores but sadly there aren’t many. The brand Ulla Popken has a store in heart of Zurich but aside from that there are well-known brands like H&M and C&A and two boutiques. But if you have time for a drive, there is a Curvy Outlet & Secondhand Store called Austausch Plus just a 20-minute ride away in a cozy town called Dubendorf. You will find nice clothes from size 42 upwards in this charming, small store.

3 things, you need to do while being in Zurich

  • Walk up to Lindenhof. The place is located on a moraine hill and offers a magnificent view over the old city part and the famous Grossmunster church.
  • Visit the observatory. Only a couple minutes away from the main station you can watch the stars. Afterwards, enjoy a drink and the view of the Bahnofstrasse from the Jules Verne Bar one level below the observatory.
  • Saturdays it’s flea market day. I love strolling around here, maybe you do too? And if you get thirsty there is a snack bar in the middle of the stands for a break.


Do you have time for a beauty treatment in Zurich? Of course, because even while traveling self-care is important. The “Schminkbar by Bea Petri» (the makeup bar) has 4 locations within the city of Zurich and offers massages, beauty treatments and lunch options. It’s paradise on earth for me after a pedicure and a glass Prosecco in my belly to go back to the busy streets.

Sit in a café

There is a big range of cozy cafes at or close to the border of the lake and around the main train station. During summer months I can recommend you “Frau Gerold’s Garten,” a quiet place built like a garden with seats between the raised flower and vegetable beds. For your Sunday brunch visit Babu’s Bakery with milk alternatives to your coffee.

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