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The Corona summer, special and yet not. With mixture of respect and feeding my travel bug, I decided to use my days off to go on day trips in my own country and do things that I have never done before. Like climbing some mountains, for example. Well, the idea of me climbing up with hiking boot is amusing. I had chosen mountains with cable cars. Affordable mountain excursions, I want to mention that. Unfortunately, some mountains had slipped down on my list after all, as the travel costs were extremely high. However, Titlis, the highlight in Central Switzerland with its glacier, is an excursion for everyone. Are you coming with me?

It couldn't be more central. Almost in the middle of Switzerland, Titlis can be reached by public transportation as well as by car. Thirty minutes away from Lucerne, you have the choice to travel from there by ship to Beckenried and then the rest of the way by train or directly from Lucerne by train to Engelberg in 45 minutes. A shuttle bus runs from the train station directly to Titlis valley station in summer and winter.

Tip: buy your ticket directly in the Titlis shop. Ticket machines are on site, so there is no need to wait at the ticket counter.

From the valley station the gondolas, all of which carry a different national flag, took me to the Trübsee middle station. I recommend that you make a stop here on your way down. The circular hike around the lake just takes under 2 hours. The Trübsee's only water inflow is a creek, which comes from the Titlis glacier above. Hiking, biking or rowing across the lake are just a few examples of the activities you can do here.

Titlis Rotair - the world's first revolving cable car

I continued on with the unusual cable car. During the five-minute journey, the gondola turned 360 degrees and offered a perfect view of the rock faces, crevasses and the mountain panorama.

Adventuring up Titlis is an affordable and genuinely nice excursion, one of the few developed mountains where the glacier is within reach. The glacier, which should not be forgotten despite the wonderful view up here, is a problem child. The glacier has shrunk by more than half since 1970, due to human influence. But it is human influence here that wants to slow down the melting. Huge fleeces, which are laid out in exposed areas during the warmer months and are additionally covered with snow, that are the main efforts up here.

Tip: take the tour from the mountain station over the "Titlis Cliff Walk" suspension bridge to the glacier grotto

At an altitude of 3,020 meters (10,000 feet), tourists also have the opportunity to buy typical Swiss souvenirs and eat in the restaurant. Due to the special corona situation, everything was closed on my excursion day and only a few mountain visitors had enjoyed the quiet up here. Few visitors came towards me on the Cliff Walk and the minus 1-degree-cold glacier grotto was admired by less than ten visitors when I took photos. The 150 m long grotto was a great highlight for me on this mountain excursion. But see for yourself:

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