Tour de Suisse

If Corona is going to put a spanner in the works for a travel bee like me, then I'll get creative. What if I visit friends in Switzerland and they show me their city?

Why is? The idea

The Tour de Suisse has been in my family for a long time. But no, not by bike. When the children were young there was a road trip through Switzerland every now and then. On the way we stayed in woody pods from campsites or in youth hostels and then drove on and explored the area. Tour de Suisse. After the lockdown, my idea of ​​the Tour des Suisse got stuck.

How does it work exactly?

I meet friends for coffee (or lunch, or cake). But in their hometown ... they show me their favorite places. Join me on this adventure and let's explore new places. That's how I started my excursions this summer. Finally, we were allowed to meet and exchange again with the necessary safety regulations.

Are you coming on a trip?

Let's go to...


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