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I’m Jasmin and I’m 40 plus with travel fever in my blood. I’m also a mother, full time accountant, wine lover and never say no to a good meal. You will see me quite often at Starbucks… with a Chai Latte, lactose-free, of course.
When I was 17 years young I took my first solo travel. London caught my attention as the city of museums and shopping possibilities. Back then my friends were stuck either in school, had no time or simply couldn’t afford to travel. That was the first moment I really felt the urge to travel alone and what led to the main idea behind this blog: as a female you can conquer this world solo!

Why wait if you can’t find your travel buddy?
The thought of exploring a mile-long sandy beach on your own or finding the most Instagrammable picture spot without any company could be overwhelming in the beginning…
But if you think back on your first day at a new job with mixed feelings, that’s how exactly how you can feel when planning your solo travel.
The fear and anxiety of the unknown… but best in both situations; at the end of the day you are filled with new experiences.

What can you expect from this blog?
From my own experience, I know what it means to travel solo. I want you to learn from my experience and so you will find the following on my blog:

  • A manual for your travel preparation

  • Selected shopping tips for curvy ladies

  • Support to your travel plans

  • Stories from my travels

You will discover that you are brave and simply need to take the first step. I can’t wait to jump into the first adventure with you, because solo travel doesn’t mean you’re alone. Are we already connected on Instagram?


Jasmin Joy

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With the space to take a deep breath and focus on yourself again, travel brings a new clarity and appreciation for your unstoppable self—I dare say, love for yourself. I first started traveling solo with a trip to London when I was 17—nothing compared to the adventures in Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love. But there is something beautiful about spaghetti in your stomach, the button of your jeans open, in the middle of Italy, grinning like Julia Roberts. “La vita e bella,” and life couldn't be more beautiful than when celebrating it with great food and great new friends.

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