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«Jasmin Joy – The Curvy Traveler» is my freelance contribution for the solo traveling and curvy women community. The posts should be inspiring, supporting, entertaining, interesting, motivating and funny. Like it? Let’s do it together.

Some rules for guest posts :

  • Original - No Recycling! Google doesn’t like it; I don’t like it. Write your unique post as a guest blogger
  • Length - Ideally your posts should be between 500-800 words.
  • Grammar and style - Your article should be understandable. Aren’t sure? Have someone else take a look.
  • Images - Send 4-5 images and a profile picture. No images that are copyright-protected.
  • Quality of the images - Instagram images are low on quality. Ideally send an unedited image or at least 800x600px.
  • Language - Use the language you prefer. But if your blog posts are already written in English and German, perfect. I will publish both.
  • Topic - Let’s talk about the topic you have in mind. Otherwise topics like travel tips, destinations or a specific travel form is always welcome.
  • Title and subtitles - Send me 3 title suggestions prior to your guest post. Use subtitles in your post. A new thought means also a new segment.
  • No useless lists - A numeration of points reminds me of my grocery list. Bananas, yoghurt, cereals, … be creative and let your words flow.
  • Extended promo - Of course mention your online presence. I will tag you on social media when promoting your guest post.
  • Further posts - Did you like writing for my blog? Was our collaboration smooth? Of course, I’d appreciate you working on another post.
  • Deadline - What would this world be like without deadlines? I do plan posts for my blog. Any release dates are only doable if your contribution arrives by the agreed deadline.
  • Your guest post gets online - We will discuss, when exactly your post will be published. A link back to your guest post and/or my blog is mandatory on your social media or your own website.
  • Your advantage - Guest posts are always helpful in this blogger world. You spread your reach, get noticed by others. There are more reasons you should use for your advantage.
  • Special wishes - Something else that burns on your tongue that you want to talk about? Let’s discuss!
  • Money rules the world - But not on my site. As for freelance reasons I can’t offer you payment for your posts. And so, it won’t cost you a dime to appear on my website.

Like what you read? Ready to send in your guest post? Send it!

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With the space to take a deep breath and focus on yourself again, travel brings a new clarity and appreciation for your unstoppable self—I dare say, love for yourself. I first started traveling solo with a trip to London when I was 17—nothing compared to the adventures in Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love. But there is something beautiful about spaghetti in your stomach, the button of your jeans open, in the middle of Italy, grinning like Julia Roberts. “La vita e bella,” and life couldn't be more beautiful than when celebrating it with great food and great new friends.

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