bbacksoon - Travel agency of a special kind. You book your time and the rest is up to them. Find out about your destination only a short time before you need to leave. Website in German

Stilberatung by Silke Joos -  My styling session contained a lot of information and tips, which I'm still using today. Maybe useful for you too? Website in German

Grace Schupp Designs - Grace did my wonderful logo and is working as a grafic designer

Guest posts in English

Curvysupporters - A website that gives you a range of different stories from plus size women

CulturallyOurs: Understand Social Norms And Culture In Switzerland - A website that gives you insight of culture, food, art and travel from around the world

Rebecca Noelle's Travel Blog - A website with travel posts from the tri-state area

Guest posts in German

Szenemagazin - A Swiss website that offers you concert reviews and other cultural events

My Online-Tools

Preview - Planning my Instagram feed with this useful tool

Canva - for me THE site, if I'm preparing my posts with graphics

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Show off your wanderlust, at home or on the road, while you dream of your next triumph: discovering an amazing little pastry shop… finding the perfect travel T-shirt (the kind you really miss on laundry day!)… fitting everything into your travel bag on the first try. Whatever journey you can dream up next, you know it will be good. Because an adventure always awaits, just around the corner.

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