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As a solo traveler I do have loads and loads of pictures, but only a few show myself. I'm not the selfie kind of girl and if I ask tourists then easily I get a blurry picture taken of me.

Back in summer 2018 I found online the service of shootmytravel.

In easy steps I choose my destination, available photographers and package. I already have 3 wonderful destination experiences so far (Hamburg, Oslo and Stockholm) and will surely keep doing this. Because, who says no to 15 high-resoltion pictures which aren't blurry?

So far I booked always the one hour session. In my case that is totally enough to find nice places and to have a chit chat with your photographer. Before you take off you discuss what you want and what you expect. This hour is so dedicated to you.

Are you interested in trying this out? With your next booking I'm offering you a $20 discount if you use the code "Jasmin20"

Of course I'm curious to hear what your experience was with shootmytravel


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