Essential things to pack

Essential things to pack

If you often travel for a business trip, vacation, or family visit – then you may already know that it can be a hassle to prepare and pack your things. From making sure that you follow the airport security’s rules, to making sure that you bring everything that you need, it can be a daunting experience.

Being a solo traveler myself, I’ve been in that situation where I get frustrated when preparing the things that I need when traveling. I don’t even know how to prioritize and most of the time bring things that I don’t need – ughh! You know, it's always a dress, that I won't wear for a photo session or the cool sneakers that aren't as comfortable as my favourites.

But as I get used to traveling here and there, I have learned my lesson and made sure that I pack smart and plan the essential things I need for a hassle-free traveling experience. Yes, my checklist is my buddy :)

The Carry On Bag Essentials

My carry on bag essentials generally includes all the items that I would need to be comfortable on a long or overnight flight. But if I have shorter flights, there are some things that I don’t include because I don’t need them.

Aside from that, my carry on bag also includes valuable and hard-to-replace items, as well as those that I can’t really live without in case my checked-in luggage got lost or got delayed during check out.

Passport, ID, and other valuables

Of course, you won’t be able to go through immigration without the proper credentials. Don’t forget to keep your passport and ID always with you to avoid further delays. You may not be able to check into a hotel or book a car rental without any ID. So, it is best to keep them with you all the time.

Your money, debit and credit cards should also be packed along with them and should never be placed inside your luggage as this can be lost, stolen, or delayed for check out.

Collapsible and refillable water bottle

Going on an airplane ride can make you thirsty and the little bottles of water airlines give out may not be enough to keep you hydrated throughout the flight. Having a collapsible and refillable water bottle is handy so you can get water anytime.

For airports that have limits in carrying liquid, you can simply empty your bottle and just refill them once you are through security. Water can be expensive in airports so this is a good way to save money as well.

Phone, device chargers, and earphones or headphones

While many airplanes have an inflight charger, it doesn’t hurt to have your charger with you just in case. Don’t assume that your phone will have enough charge before arriving at your destination. Your phone is important especially if you have all the information stored in it like your hotel information or going from point A to point B. Hence, it should always have enough charge while you are traveling.

Earphones or headphones are very important to pair with your phone especially when traveling. You don’t want to bother others while you are listening to your music or watching a movie, right? So, make sure you bring them along with you.

Daily medications

When packing your medications, pack a few days worth of your medicine to make sure that you don’t miss taking them. If your luggage gets delayed during check out or got lost, it can be difficult to purchase right away especially when you are far from home.

Additionally, you may also want to pack any over-the-counter medicines you may need during your flight.

Important documents

Of course, aside from your wallet, passport, and ID, other important documents should also be kept close and accessible for you to easily present them when needed. Documents such as flight tickets, itineraries, physical tickets like train tickets, bus tickets that you have previously purchased and reserved are other documents that you need that can also be packed in your carry on bag.

Other papers that have no digital counterpart can be printed and kept along with your important documents. Include your prescription as well in case you ran out of it and if airport security asks about them.

Toiletries and extra clothes

If your flight will take longer and may need to connect to another destination, you probably need extra clothing to change. If you have access to a shower, then having your toiletries will come in handy. Pack a few pairs of socks, underwear, and fresh clothes.

Carry a small bag where you can put essential toiletries like toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, and conditioner, lotion, and floss. You may also include some makeup essentials like face cream, powder and lip balm

Light snacks

Traveling can make you hungry and if you are pressed for time, bringing along some light snacks can be very helpful. Packing a small bag of pretzels, nuts or even bite-sized sandwiches will do the trick. Not only will it help you ease your hunger right away, but it can also save some money instead of buying snacks at the airport (which can be expensive).

Reading materials or entertainment

Long flights can be boring unless you want to look out in your window the whole trip. Make sure to bring along some magazines, books, or other sources of entertainment. However, don’t bring books that are too bulky as this will just add to the weight of your carry on bag. Consider stocking them on your ebook reader or audiobook library.


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