How to save money for my travels?

On my website I offer you all sorts of travel reports and how to travel as a solo traveler, but in addition to the planning: how does it work out financially? In fact, there are many ways you can save money for your vacation. Depending on the priorities you set yourself. You just save to see how far you can make it last? That is also an option. Here I have collected a handful of tips for you.

Know Your Budget Plan

Not only for travel planning, a list of your costs is also extremely useful. In order to find out your savings potential or just find out where the money is going, create a budget. List your income and expenses. In the end, there should be excess revenue. Is there still anything on the expenses side? Your budget gives you the opportunity to accumulate a fixed amount into a savings account every month. Why an extra account for your vacation bonus? You won't be tempted to grab your money that you've saved, and you can see at a glance how much you've come closer to your goal.

Saving in everyday life? This is the easiest way

  • Avoid spontaneous purchases. Uh, yes, the most difficult point for me. Shopping only works with a plan if I start with a shopping list. Without a list, too much ends up in my shopping cart, which is not necessary.
  • Flea market. I love strolling through a flea market. But be careful! Again, there are unnecessary spontaneous purchases, be aware of what you need. And as a tip: sell what you no longer need and put this on your holiday account.
  • Cashback. There is a whole selection of companies that offer you cashback. A bonus program that pays you cash instead of bonus points.
  • Part-time job. Reach your goal faster? With a part-time job, you can even regularly put something aside if you work for a few hours a month.
  • Pre-cooking. If you can’t spend your lunch break at home from your work, I recommend preparing the food yourself instead of visiting a restaurant.
  • My ultimate tip: small change always goes straight into a piggy bank. I pay a lot with a card, but my small change regularly moves from my wallet to my piggy bank. Don’t underestimate what you can accumulate here in a few months.

Long-term savings

Can't reach your goal with everyday tips? Of course, there are other options that will bring you closer to your goal. They are certainly radical ideas, but these suggestions should serve as food for thought:

  • Cancel your mobile subscription
  • Sell your car
  • Move to a cheaper apartment
  • Party at home

Do you know any other savings tips?

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