Finding Love While Traveling

February being the month of the hearts is where you will see many people getting romantic, HHWW or holding hands while walking, and for some a bit of kissing and smooching around the park.

Being a solo traveler, I don’t mind looking at those people showing their affection in public (or do I? ha ha) Guess that’s for you to find out.

But kidding aside, solo traveling doesn’t stop me to still find a lot of places to celebrate love. Because loving myself and the love of travel is just enough to fill my heart with warmth and happiness. I am happy being me, loving me, and traveling SOLO!

Traveling solo allows me to discover myself, make new friends and learn to talk to different people from all walks of life.

Nowadays, I have learned that I am not the only one doing this stuff. And mind you, these days the growth of women traveling solo is on the rise – and I LOVE IT!

According to studies, solo travel continues to grow every year despite the pandemic. In fact, experts say that solo traveling is a much better option as it is easier to practice social distancing and follow health protocols. (Oh my, good thing I have been doing this for years! – me with an excited smile)

Many destinations, hotels, hostels are now geared to providing better promos for women who are solo traveling. And for one, this month of February is a great way to start exploring great travels. I think there are some countries slowly opening their doors for travel.

One of the places I want to travel to is Paris France. Yes, I know. Who doesn’t want to visit this country and fall in love?

Well, I want to find love, maybe, but more so, I wanna discover and explore it. The country itself is so romantic aside from the fashion, food, and language – many destinations are worth visiting. I think one weekend won’t be enough.

And yes, the French language is so romantic. The way the people talk and the sound of their voices while speaking French, he he, I feel like I am smitten already (ha ha!)

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